New Hair Style - "The Lob"

Hands up who's thinking about getting a haircut?? OK, so who wants to have a change but they're not brave enough?? Then fear not because I have a great solution for you - THE LOB!

Some of you may have heard of this hairstyle - it's been pretty big in 2015 and it's a style that us hairdressers LOVE.

"The Lob" is an in-between long and short bob and the best thing is that it works well for most hair types. It can make fine hair look far thicker and if needed you can slice out some weight through the ends to give a messier, less blunt look.

It also looks great with or without a fringe (check out the celebs above for proof). You can have a blunt fringe, a heavy side swept fringe or none at all! If you chat to your hairdresser they will advise what is best for your face shape.

Another nice way to make your "Lob" a bit different is to add some colour. This can help define the shape and style - perhaps a few highlights or lowlights, if you're nervous about adding a more daring obvious block colour throughout, or if you're a colour virgin.

Once you have the cut, you need to use the right styling products to achieve the look yourself at home - which I can help you with.

Have a chat with me next time you're in the Salon and we can talk through the various options!