Pregnancy Hair

I’m sure one of the last things you’ll be thinking about when you get the news you’re pregnant, is your hair. BUT don’t forget, that as your body changes your hair changes too! I often have clients asking me questions about colouring in particular, so I thought I’d cover some Pregnancy Hair FAQ’s here:

How will my hair change?

As soon as you get pregnant your hair will start to change and during the second trimester you may notice that it starts to look thicker and healthier. It’s not that you’re growing any more hair but thanks to your pregnancy hormones you are, in fact, losing less! On average we lose around 100 hairs a day but whilst pregnant this massively reduces.

On the flip side, once you’ve given birth your growth cycle returns to normal and usually between 3 and 6 months after birth your hair will begin to fall out again.

A lot of women comment on how shiny their hair is during pregnancy, so at least that’s one good thing.

Believe it or not your hair can also change texture during pregnancy. It can go from curly to straight and vice versa.

Are there any products I should avoid when pregnant?

If you use medicated shampoos then some Doctors recommend you stop using them during the term of your pregnancy – have a chat with your doctor or midwife and see if there is an alternative.

I’ve been told I should stop colouring my hair – is that true?

This is the most common question I’m asked – the answer is IT’S UP TO YOU! Avoiding chemicals is completely up to the individual, so if you normally have an all over scalp colour this is something to consider.

Some Doctors recommend stopping, whilst others say it’s OK – no one truly knows if anything is absorbed internally, we have many pores that are deep on our scalp, so there is always a chance but there is no evidence that this can cause abnormalities.

Just remember; IT’S YOUR CHOICE – some clients continue with their usual colour, some change to having highlights or lowlights, so that it’s not directly on the scalp. There are natural products out there like Henna that you can use as an alternative.

Or, if you want to and it doesn’t bother you, let your colour grow out until after the birth and go au-naturel for a while!

If anyone has any questions regarding looking after your hair during pregnancy then drop me a line :)