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Summer Hair!

So, it's the 1st June - which means we are officially into SUMMER ***insert excitement here***!!

As a nation, we Brits live for the summer months – Britain really is beautiful when the sun shines. A lot of my clients have already got their summer holidays booked and have started asking me about the best way to make sure their hair stays in tip-top condition when faced with sun, sea and humid weather.

Remember: Sun = damage! You need to put as much moisture as you can back into your hair and this can be done in various methods.

·        Apply a deep conditioning treatment or conditioner to your hair before going out in the sun, comb it through and then tie into a bun. This will protect it from the sea/sun/chlorine and will give it an extra boost of moisture, shine & softness.

·        One of the best ways to help your hair is to eat healthily, which is a lot easier in the summer as everyone is having BBQ’s. Omega 3, fatty acids (such as eggs, spinach and Salmon) all help to keep the hair strong & healthy.

·        Summer is an ideal time to let your hair dry naturally, reducing exposure to heated appliances, which reduces damage.

·        A quick fix, so that you don’t keep washing your hair all the time, is Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste is available for all hair types, so there's something for everyone!

Batiste is available for all hair types, so there's something for everyone!

·        It can be as simple as wearing a hat – simple and effective!

·        After swimming in the sea or the pool, rinse your hair to get the chlorine and salt out of it.

·        If you swim a lot it’s worth investing in a good shampoo which is designed to remove chlorine. Just make sure you use a good conditioner to put the moisture back in. Boots own "Sun, Swim & Gym" is a good one.

·        I’ve talked before about Argan Miracle 10 – it’s great and smells lovely.

·        GREEN HAIR ALERT – it happens to the best of us but a quick fix is to shampoo and rinse straight after swimming, apply tomato paste or ketchup, neat or mixed with a little shampoo and leave on for 30 mins then rinse thoroughly and condition.

·        Lots of my clients have a different hair colour depending on the season – why not have a colour consultation to find out your options. It could just be a subtle change of a few highlights framing your face to add a special touch for those summer days.

Think about it this way, we moisturise more in the Summer, as the sun dries out our skin, the same goes for your hair – CONDITION! CONDITION! CONDITION!

If you're unsure about anything i've mentioned above or you just want some tips on how to use the products, give me a shout!