Loopy's Top 10 Hair Tips

As you'd imagine, i'm often asked about the best way to look after your hair. There are lots of myths out there and there's also loads you can do to make sure your hair stays in good condition for as long as possible.

I thought i'd share 10 Tips with you, which will see you get as much as possible out of your hair between visits to the hairdresser:

1. Firstly, your hair is weakest when it's wet, so NEVER use a brush on it, always use a wide tooth comb - this will minimise breakage.

2. NEVER rub your hair roughly with a towel - it's one of the most damaging things you can do to hair, always pat it dry.

3. Avoid purchasing expensive products which say they will solve your split ends problem - it's a lie, nothing but having your hair trimmed will ever get rid of split ends. 

4. Think about it; prevention is always better than cure, so buy products which suit your hair and. If you spend a lot of money having a colour put on your hair then buy the best products to maximise that and make the colour last as long as it can. There are a lot of products which help prolong hair colour, so purchase them and use them correctly - make sure you leave them on for the right amount of time and it will definitely help. Why not book a deep conditioning treatment after you've had your hair coloured, to help put back some of the moisture!

5. One product that I recommend (and also sell) is Miracle 10 Argan Oil - not only does it smell great but it also de-tangles, reduces static, controls frizz, prevents damage, improves moisture levels, adds shine, gives a silky feel and enhances manageability!

6. If you'd like a quick fix to cover up greys between seeing your colourist then you can always try using *WOW* or  Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer  it does exactly what it says on the tin - covers your roots until you can get them done again, a great temporary solution!!

7. A great product to use to make your hair feel and look great is Osmo Shine Serum, it makes your hair look shiny & glossy and a few drops really goes a long way!


8. One thing that still surprises me is that people don't know a really cheap and easy way to get shinier hair is to blast your hair with cold water, after you've washed & conditioned it. Cold water seals the cuticles and gives it an instant natural shine.

9. Something that a lot of people get wrong is that they use their shampoo and conditioner in the same way. It's much better to shampoo the roots and condition the ends of your hair. 

10. Lastly, putting your hair up into a ponytail on holiday seems like such a good idea. It keeps it out of your way and also shields it from the sun (to a certain extent) BUT using the wrong type of hair band can do more bad than good. Pulling hair ties out of your hair can really cause a lot of damage, so if there's one product you buy to take away with you this Summer, make sure it's the Invisibobble. A fabulous hair tie which is kind to your hair!

So there you have it - follow my tips and you'll look after and manage your hair SO much better, with reduced damage. Also, I stock and use some of the products listed above, so next time you see me please feel free to ask me about them :)