Childrens Hair

Following on from my blog last week about how to look after your hair when you're pregnant, I thought it might be a nice follow-on to talk about how to look after your son/daughters hair and what to expect when you take them to have their hair cut for the first time - below are some tips i've learnt from experience!

Looking after your child's hair can sometimes be very challenging. Their hair is thinner and more delicate to start with and more prone to damage.  Regular trims and care needs to be taken.

A few helpful tips..........

Wash their hair 2-3 times a week using a mild shampoo - Johnson's Baby Shampoo is one of the most popular brands!

All Children kick up a stink if you try and brush/comb tangled hair, so condition using a leave-in tangle free conditioning spray. The Miracle 10 spray, which I also sell is my favourite!

Another alternative is Schwarzkopf Super Soft Kids De Tangle or Children's Farm Hair Detangler, which you can find in Boots

Once the hair has been sprayed with the product, use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair section by section -  Tangle Teasers are also a life saver for parents to stop children complaining, they are really good for use on wet hair especially.

Visiting a hair salon with young children can be a scary experience for them and can be a nightmare for you . A good starting point is taking them with you when you have your hair cut, so they can see it's not scary and to get to know and feel comfortable with your stylist . I don't recommend you take them when your having the full works of a colour and cut because that can take hours and won't be enjoyable for anyone. Bring their favourite toy or book, which can help with distraction. I've also used the trick of the ipad playing their favourite programmes...thanks peppa pig and fireman Sam!

Children need to have regular trims to keep the hair strong and even to encourage it to become thicker. So even if you have the tiniest tips cut off, it really helps. The earlier you take them to the salon the quicker they will start to enjoy the experience which means they will sit better which also means a great hair cut.

If you are at all nervous about taking your little cherub to the hairdresser for the first time then call me for some advice.

Have a great week :)